Our staff provide a wealth of experience, extensive market knowledge, a professional approach  and a friendly, adaptable and responsive approach to your research requirements.
Nigel Beacom
Nigel Beacom - Chairman 

Nigel Beacom founded MRNI in October 1983.  In 1986 he moved to Scotland and set up Market Research UK Ltd and as Chairman he has built this in to one of the leading Public Sector Market Reserach Agencies in the UK.  Having been acquired by the Cello Group Plc in June 2007, Nigel has retained the role of Executive Chairman with MRUK. 

Within MRNI Research, Nigel has responsibilty for Company development and strategy and is involved in the process of tendering and provides qualitative support when required.

Alan Leitch
Alan Leitch - Managing Director 

An honours graduate in Modern Languages with subsequent marketing qualifications, Alan gained wide experience through time spent in the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and Gilbeys of Northern Ireland Ltd (now Diageo), developing a broad knowledge of all aspects of the marketing function and a  thorough understanding of research and its practical applications. 

In almost 20 years with MRNI Research, Alan has extensive experience in the design and implementation of surveys on behalf of both the public and private sectors and provides a hands on approach to all projects undertaken by the company.


Isobel Savage
Isobel Savage - Financial Director 
Isobel has been involved in the financial administration of MRNI for over 20 years.  As Financial Director she oversees all the financial activity of the company as well as assisting in the overall strategic direction of the company.  In addition to acting as the senior interface with our financial advisers, banks and auditors she is also the Company Secretary and in turn she assumes overall responsibility for credit control, processing payments, and payment of interviewers across Ireland