Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is an important part of many research projects. MRNI Research have extensive experience in conducting research designed to be:
  • Exploratory - exploring responses to particular customer or employee, advertising, product, service or brand issues
  • Explanatory - finding answers to particular customer or employee, advertising, product, service or brand issues
  • Developmental - using the consumer or employee ideas for insight and inspiration
  • Evaluative - Measuring response to new advertising, employee processes, product, service or brand issues

    Our researchers have extensive experience in encouraging interviewees to articulate their views, and deliver insightful analysis of responses.

  • Whether your needs dictate a focus group for a breadth of issues or whether you require more in-depth one to one interviews we have the expertise to provide this resource. We have almost 25 years experience of conducting depth interviews and focus groups in all areas of consumer, employee and business-to-business/executive up to board level. MRNI provide a full service for qualitative research including project design, recruitment, moderation and reporting.

    Depth interviews

    Depth interviews are conducted face-to-face with an individual respondent and allow the researcher to probe for opinions and attitudes. They can be used to assess the reasons behind behaviour, cover sensitive subjects and provide depth to a project.

    Our experience in this area means that our researchers provide the ability to engage and elicit meaningful qualitative feedback from respondents; providing a relaxed format for discussion and focussing on listening and interpretation skills. A discussion outline, agreed in advance with the client, guides the interviewer, but also provides scope for flexibility and additional areas for discussion.

    A depth interview generally lasts for 45 minutes to an hour and they are often used to help determine questionnaire content for quantitative studies.

    Where face-to-face depth interviews are not feasible, it is possible to conduct these interviews via the telephone with appropriate modifications in duration and content.

    Focus Groups

    Focus groups are a useful qualitative market research technique for sharing and comparing views among respondents. A group usually involves between six to eight people. The conversation is structured around a discussion document and stimulus materials and is designed to allow spontaneous opinions and attitudes to surface naturally as part of a conversation.

    Groups generally last around one and a half  hours with respondents recruited according to specific criteria.

    MRNI Research provides experienced and skilled moderators whose job to is to facilitate the discussion keeping it on subject, encouraging all respondents to contribute their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.                                                                                   

    We were the company who developed Ireland's first viewing facility, based in Belfast. This facility has both video and audio taping resources with accommodation for up to 10 focus group candidates and 4 clients in a seperate viewing area with 2 way mirror.